Diabolik - Il Re del Terrore

Diabolik - Il Re del Terrore

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Diabolik, the cult character launched on newsstands by Angela and Luciana Giussani at the height of the economic boom, has always occupied a prominent place in the history of Italian comics. "Il Re del Terrore" (The King of Terror), November 1962, was the first, now rare and precious, album in an epic series. Today, the original pages of the initial Diabolik are presented in this volume for the first time to the public as they have reached us, in their original format (approx. 22 x 15 cm) and with all the more or less evident "technical" processing traces that have remained on them over time.

Angela and Luciana Giussani, 

144 colour pages, 17x24 cm.

Hardback edition, in Italian only.