About us

Lo Scarabeo, was founded in 1987, combining the expertise of collecting artwork, a love for illustrations and a taste for aesthetic images.

In over thirty years of business, the publishing house has become a world leader in the field of Tarot cards, offering extraordinary and innovative decks, signed by some of the greatest artists of this century (Manara, Toppi, Pinter) and integrating its graphic excellence with an ever attentive historical and symbolic research.

In the world of Playing Cards, Lo Scarabeo presents itself with collector's decks of museum quality, integrating fantasy illustrations with philological reproductions of old, unusual and rare cards.

The Lo Scarabeo brand is known worldwide in the Tarot, divination and New Age worlds. In the United States, the brand is known through its partnership with Llewellyn, the largest New Age publisher in the world. 

Lo Scarabeo excels in creativity, design and graphic inventiveness. Lo Scarabeo takes an innovative approach to the Tarot world, seeking to develop and explore its symbolic, historical and cartomantic boundaries.

The illustration is also the protagonist of the non-fiction edited by Lo Scarabeo, especially in the field of comics, fairytale books and monographic editions about the great Italian illustrators and cartoonists. It is a love of illustration and "drawn literature" that has marked the evolution of Lo Scarabeo.

A fascinating journey that starts from the allegories of the Tarot in many prestigious editions and arrives at the most celebrated protagonists of popular and author comics, offering innovative Tarot decks and evocative illustrated volumes.